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V/A Universe Blast 3 – Sound of speed

THE SOUND OF SPEED – The 3rd various artist compilation under the series UNIVERSAL BLAST by HypridRecords has been on its final stages of making and this time it’s more powerful as we collaborate with MetaDimension Musicin the making of this Christmas Present.

UNIVERSAL BLAST 3 – SOUND OF SPEED will be a 10 track various compilation album featuring your favorite hitech projects by sensational producers you cant resist dancing to. And here are some of them we have picked up or this journey.

MinDelve vs KopophobiA
SIFER vs Lunatic Insomnia
Mental Delirium
Yum Kimil Hi-tech music
SpaceChimp vs NARXZ
and 2 more ..

Mastering : Arcek
Artwork : Ágnes Barna
Format : Digital ( Bandcamp ) , Physical ( Limited Digipack Copies )
Release Date : 25/12/18

We thank Paratax & MetaDrop in crafting this compilation and helping us continue the journey.

The Journey which started in 2016 when the first UNIVERSAL BLAST happened which exploded with some fresh hitech tunes, an year later the second one “ ORBIT IN SPACE “ exploded bigger. Being the first one under this series to be released in physical formats, the copies were sold out faster than as we expected, which told us the journey should be continued. And here we are, presenting you the third volume of this series „SPEED OF SOUND“, making it better than ever this time by joining hands with MetaDimension Music.

Stay tuned for more updates in coming days.

Let’s Hitech,
HypridRecords // MetaDimension Music

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is a German DJ who was born on the edge of the alps. He has been active in the scene for over 10 years now