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DJ NeFo Toro

Dj Project is born in June/2023.

Dj Project born in June/2023.

My name is Simon Karl.
Since 13 years i’ve been listening
to psychedelic music.
9 years ago i started to organize psychedelic events. Luckily it is growing up all the time.
We enjoyed to book Live Artists like:
Open Mind/Spore/Distorted Goblin/
Onkel Dunkel-Grapes of Wrath/Antonymous/
Isometric/Praheya/Funkshape & lots more.
Now its time to spend all my inspiration to crash the dancefloors around this universe!
Playing funky sounds with strong leads,
mostly on the organic & metallic side.
Groovy & different percussions
in work with pumping Bass-Lines.
150 to 152 Bpm!

open for bookings:

or write to office@hypridrecords.com

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